New System Install


New Irrigation System

Irrigation Specialist installs new high-quality irrigation systems that will offer years of trouble-free watering. Irrigation Specialist will design a system that will suit your lawn care watering needs. Using commercial grade materials including Rain Bird & Hunter new systems include a meter tap with a shutoff valve, backflow device, winterization port, a fully programmable controller with app control capability and a rain sensor that alerts your controller not to water when it is raining. All irrigation zones have head to head coverage to guarantee even precipitation across your lawn to reduce amount of time and water needed to water each zone. This will conserve water and lower your water bill while protecting our natural resources. Most new systems can be installed in just a few days.

Have an existing landscape? No problem, Irrigation Specialist can work around your current landscape without damaging plants and trees. Call us for a free estimate 1-770-527-7278.

Irrigation System Install. You Name It, We’ll Be There To Irrigate It.

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