Pumps and Wells


Pumps and Wells

Irrigation Pumps: If there is a lake, river or large creek on or adjacent to your property trust our expertise to build a dependable pump system that will function properly and be dependable year after year.

These low maintenance pump systems substantially lower your water bills.  In the event of an outdoor watering ban, don’t worry, with a pump system from Irrigation Specialist a watering ban will not apply to your property. You can continue watering and keep your lawn looking fresh and green. Call for a free estimate.

Well Pumps: Don’t have a water source above ground? Irrigation Specialist are experts at finding water. Let us drill a well on your property that will supply needed water to run your sprinkler system. A well will ensure water will be available through any drought keeping your lawn perfectly green all year long.  Never get another water bill again!

No additional contractors are needed to complete your well project. Irrigation Specialist can perform a complete install. We handle the drilling, power and the set up. Call for a free estimate 1-770-527-7278.

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