Service and Repair


Service and Repair

Irrigation Specialist offers service and repair work for existing sprinkler systems regardless of the brand. Our experienced and highly trained staff will arrive at your home with all the tools and equipment needed to complete the job. Our fully stocked truck includes parts to fix almost anything!  Our two-man team will make quick work of any job. Low pricing starts at only $70.00 for a service call and $160.00 per hour for the two-man team will deliver a great value.

Irrigation Specialist also offers seasonal service work starting with a yearly spring start-up check of your entire system. We will inspect for leaks, adjust all the heads in each zone, replace failing heads and valves and test the rain sensor to ensure it is working properly followed by programming your controller.

In the late fall we can return to winterize your sprinkler system to keep it from freezing. Our flat $75.00 will give you peace of mind all winter. Ask to be put on our Preferred customers list for yearly automatic service.

Irrigation Service and Repair. You Name It, We’ll Be There To Fix It.

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